What is a rodeo Buddy?

Being a Rodeo Buddy is AWESOME!  As the Special Needs families arrive, they are assigned a Rodeo Buddy for the day.  Rodeo Buddies help with the Special Needs child / children, they assist the family with games and activities, make sure they get to see all the entertainment, ride the horses, eat lunch, etc.  A Rodeo Buddy is an "Ambassador" for the Baytown Special Rodeo and we are SO proud to them.  Some Rodeo Buddies come back year after year to Volunteer and many have become life-long friends with their Special Needs families. 


What a rodeo Buddy isn't?

Rodeo Buddies are NOT babysitters - at no time should a Rodeo Buddy be responsible for the Special Needs child / children without the Supervision of the child's parent / guardian.


Can I help with the horses?

More information to come.


what is a booth operator?

Booth Operators are companies, organizations, or individuals that offer to bring a game or activity booth for the participants to play.  We ask that each game or activity booth be something that anyone (regardless of their challenges) be able to play and enjoy.  Part of the fun of a booth is "winning" - so each time a Special Needs participant plays, they win a prize.  We ask that each Booth Operator bring enough prizes or activities for approximately 500 children.  NOTE:  Volunteers may play the games as long as there is not a line, but they DO NOT receive prizes.  Booths can be set-up the Friday before between 9am and 6pm - we encourage you to decorate your Booth and make it festive.  If you are not able to set-up on Friday, we will be at the Fair Grounds by 6:30am on Saturday.  Booths must be set-up and ready to go no later the 9:00am on Saturday.  Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED in the Rodeo area on Saturday, so if you have a large booth or heavy items, think about coming on Friday - even if it's just to drop off and then set-up Saturday morning.  NOTE: We will have Security at the Fair Grounds on Friday night.  All Booths must be removed by 4:00pm on Saturday.  You are responsible for working your Booth for the entirety of the Rodeo and may want to have a couple people helping for breaks and lunch.  However, we ask that no more than 5 Volunteers sign-up per Booth.  If you have more than 5 Volunteers that want to come from your Organization, the remaining will need to sign up and be Rodeo Buddies. 


do you need help cooking or serving?

Our Head Chef Charlie has his Cooking Crew in order.  However, we always need help with handing out drinks and clearing tables. These jobs are good for some of the younger Volunteers and organized groups.


how old do I have to be to volunteer?

Rodeo Buddies must be at least 16 years old.  Booths can be run by Volunteers 13 years and up as long as they are supervised by an Adult.


what if i'm not old enough?

If you are not old enough to be a Rodeo Buddy (16 years) but are part of a group (i.e. cub scouts) you can help by assisting your Leader with the operation of a Booth, you can work WITH a Rodeo Buddy assisting a family, or you can assist with clean-up. 


how should I dress?

COMFORTABLE!  Shorts, t-shirts, blue jeans and skirts or dresses are fine.  Please no revealing attire (i.e. short shorts, crop tops, etc.)  If you Registered to be a Volunteer prior to the Deadline, you will be offered a Baytown Special Rodeo t-shirt.  It would be wonderful if you wore that so everyone would know you are a Volunteer!   The Rodeo arena is dirt - tennis shoes or boots are best, but feel free to wear what's comfortable.  No bare feet, please.


what time should I be there and when is it over?

Volunteers should report for duty at the Volunteer Registration table


If i'm volunteering, can I bring my small children?

If you are running a Booth and the child is able to help, feel free.  We ask that Volunteer's children stay with their parents in the Booth and not be allowed to roam the Fair Grounds.  Children that are accompanied by their parents may play some of the games but they are not allowed to win the prizes.  This is a day for the Special Needs children and their families and our focus is on making sure they have a wonderful time.



Please do not bring pets (leashed or unleashed) to the Baytown Special Rodeo. Only Certified Service Animals or animals that are pre-approved and tagged by the BSRA are allowed on the grounds. This is for the safety of our Participants and Volunteers - no exceptions will be made.



There is No Smoking allowed on the fairgrounds during the Baytown Special Rodeo.  This is for health and safety reasons for our Participants, Volunteers, Families and Staff.

Want to know how to Volunteer or be a Booth Operator at the Baytown Special Rodeo? 

Keep reading!


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